Book Manuscript

Moral Orders of Capitalist Legitimacy in India. Further details are available here.

Articles Under Review

Moral Technologies of Markets: Multinational Supermarkets in the Indian Bazaar (with Amy Cohen). Abstract.

Varieties of Economic Nationalism in Post-War Brazil and India. Extended abstract.

Working Papers

“Taxis versus Uber as Markets versus Planning? The Politics of Markets in the ‘Sharing’ Economy”. Early versions of this work presented at the American Sociological Association Economic Sociology and Comparative Historical Sociology Pre-Conferences, August 2016; the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Meeting, July 2016; the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting June 2016.

‘Speculative Bazaar Traders, ‘Cowboy Multinationals’, or ‘Captains of Industry?’ Contesting Cultural Categories of Capitalist Legitimacy in India.Abstract.

Revisiting Economic Nationalism and the ‘Liability of Foreigness’. In progress.

Beyond Economic Ideas and Policy Paradigms: Culture and Social Meaning in the Rise and Fall of ‘Populist Socialism’ and ‘Aspirational Consumerism’ in Post-Independence India. In progress.

Other Publications

“The Role of Law in Global Value Chains: A Manifesto”. London Review of International Law, Vol. 4, Issue 1, March 2016 (co-authored with fellow members of the Harvard Law School Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) Law and Global Production Working Group). Article is freely available via open access license here.

“Can Historical Sociology Save the World?” Contribution to forum in Trajectories: Newsletter of the ASA Comparative and Historical Sociology Section. Vol. 27, No. 1, Fall 2015.

“Influence of South African Legislation on India’s Mines and Minerals Bill: Promise and Perils,” with Charles Maddox and Jonathan Burton-MacLeod.Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVII, No. 40, October 6, 2012. Article is available here.

“Promoting Caribbean Science and Technology Intensive Development through Brain Circulation: The Case of Biotechnology in Jamaica.” Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Vol. 17 (2), June 2011. Article is available here.

“The Potential Role of the Caribbean Diaspora in Science, Technology and Industrial Policy” in World Sustainable Development Outlook 2010, pp. 123-131.

“Gender, Development and the Global Economic Crisis,” in Ashwini Deshpande and Keith Nurse (eds) The Global Economic Crisis and the Developing World, 2012, Routledge.

“In Search of the Diaspora Effect: Lessons from the Asian ‘Brain Gain’ for Caribbean ‘Brain Drain’” in Elizabeth Hope Thomas (ed) Freedom and Constraint in Caribbean Migration and Diaspora, 2009, Ian Randle Publishers.

“Gender and the Economic Partnership Agreement: An Analysis of the Potential Gender Effects of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA” (with Judith Wedderburn) in Caribbean Development Report: Volume 2, 2009, United Nations Economic Commission on Latin American and the Caribbean.